When I was a kid, I lived in a divided family.  One division was that my parents were divorced.  Another was that one ate butter on everything and the other used margarine.  My mother used margarine and I grew up in my mother’s house for the most part.  If there was butter in the fridge, it inevitably had a taste that mimicked the smell of the fridge.

One day I decided to make some popcorn and melt something on it.  The butter tasted funny so I decided to use margarine. Ohhhh what a nasty mess!  The margarine had turned to oil and the popcorn had turned a wet greasy mess.  From that day on, I vowed to only use butter in any food I cooked or baked.

And baked I did!  I baked for every track meet, every soccer game, every party.  I was building a reputation for my chocolate chip cookies…thank you Nestle!

Butter in my mother’s house had become a precious commodity.  In order to avoid that “funny” taste, I carefully placed the wax paper wrapped sticks of joy in airtight ziploc baggies to protect them.

As a result of this careful attention to butter, my step dad assumed I ate a lot of it and started calling me the “Cholesterol Queen”. I didn’t actually eat that much of it (not that I remember) but the name stuck.

When I started brainstorming names for the bakery, one thing I knew was that butter had to be in the name.  It is the most important ingredient!  Eggs, flour, spices, sugar, vanilla can all be substituted for a something else but BUTTER is essential.  And since I am the “Cholesterol Queen” then I could also be called the ButterGirl.

People liked the name, I became the ButterGirl and a bakery was born.