What does George make?  The answer is, “It’s Greek.”  A little bit of a mystery man, George spends part of the year in Greece, where he and his family make the delicious Eleofillo olive oil that he sells at the market.  I can tell you from personal experience, it’s delicious.  And it’s become a gift to one friend who knows her olive oil.  She’s two thumbs up, too.  Then there’s the olive oil soap that my husband likes.

It's Greek!

George's Eleofillo olive oil

But you’ll find stylish sweaters at his booth, too.  All summer long, no matter how hot or humid, George has gotten one woman after another to try them on and many have bought them.  There must be a lot of air conditioning somewhere.  Somewhere else!

Now that the weather’s turned seasonable again, come out and see George before he goes back to Greece for the winter.