Wilson Farms at Halloween

Before moving to Lexington, I made a weekly pilgrimage to Wilson Farms.  They have always had the best fresh and local produce along with delicious breads, fresh squeezed juice, and affordable flowers.  This time of year, I go for fresh english peas and Japonaise challah rolls.

Wilson Farms has been growing for over 127 years.  They grow veggies, fruits, flowers and make many delicious treats.  I fell in love with tangerine juice, pasta salad, green zebra tomatoes, shallots and homemade bread crumbs for my own mac and cheese for the first time by having it there.

You can tell that their staff loves working there because they are always very friendly and smiling. When I first met Jimmy Wilson, he shared a story about his boyhood growing up on the farm and in my new neighborhood.  He’s just  that kind of man. Mr. Wilson’s bakery manager, Scooter, is a sassy, knowledgable and fun person to work with.  He cares greatly about the quality and diversity of his bakery.  He will also be the first person to tell you what he doesn’t like… and you should listen.  He’s got something special going.

I am very honored that Wilson’s farm will count ButterGirl as one of their bakery suppliers starting this wednesday.  You’ll have to look hard for my treats because I will have to start on the back wall until things start selling.  Help me get a better spot, buy some.