Living in Lexington Massachusetts has it’s benefits.  My husband and I are relatively new residents and are still getting used to the place.  We moved from Somerville which is distinctly a city kind of place. In Somerville, residents walk or take the T everywhere.  Dinner or a movie we’re just footsteps away. We loved this.  Houses are very close together and you can often see right into your neighbors house. When I started my bakery out of our house, I kept all of the windows closed until 7 or 8 am so I didn’t make too much of a racket and wake up our neighbors.  This was tough on 95 degree days with no AC.   We didn’t necessarily love this.

Now that we are in Lexington, there are lots of things to appreciate that we hadn’t experienced before.

The natural world

Wild Turkeys

Who knew that there we’re so many kinds of birds and animals just outside your window?  We were used to squirrels, robins and the occasional skunk.  We have seen over a dozen kinds of birds, rabbits, chipmunks, fox, a llama (on a leash), chickens, and wild turkeys.  We have heard coyotes and great horned owls.  What a place!  I am captivated.

The people

I was a little intimidated about living in Lexington.  From the outside, it felt a little hoity toity and thick walleted for me.  It is an expensive place.  The schools are some of the best in the area, but you pay very high taxes for them (3 times somerville). All that aside, the people are warm, welcoming and very smart.  There is not much pretension here that I have experienced.  Lex residents may be doing well for themselves but it’s because they are smart and successful, not because they inherited it.

The architecture and it’s enthusiasts

We moved to Lexington to live in our dream house.  It is a 1947 Bauhaus style modernist house built by The Architects Collaborative.  We love and hate our house at the same time.  It is a stunning glass house set in the woods.  Unfortunately all that glass is thin, drafty and wildly expensive to replace.  This is just one of our many challenges but simply put, we have a crush on it and we’re not giving up easily until it loves us back.

Our neighborhood is very special.  It was created with two key ideals in mind: community and modernism.   We all care about modernism and keeping it in tact and alive in Massachusetts and we care about each other.  On our first day in the house, we were invited over to our neighbors house.  Since then, there have been progressive dinners, gatherings in warm homes when the power was out in most, pool clean up parties, and great conversations over tea.  There is a lot of history here as most of the original residents lived here until they passed away.  Many of them include architects, scientists, and even a few nobel prize winners. Luckily, for me, everyone likes cookies too.

The History

July 4th in Lexington

Lexington was founded in 1713, 300 years ago next year, and the towns people are proud group.  It is the home of the first battle of the revolutionary war where first shot was fired known as the “Shot heard ’round the world.”  Every year, on the third Monday of April, the town observes Patriots Day events that begin with Paul Revere’s Ride with a special re-enactment of the Battles of Lexington and Concord.  These people know how to reenact.  At christmas, they have their own modest tree lighting celebration that includes caroling by several groups on street corners in different parts downtown, late night (until 9pm) christmas shopping, and a variety of other activities.  It’s a very New England kind of place.

The Market

ButterGirl and the Minuteman @ the LEX Market

It seems fitting that the Lexington has such a successful well supported and diverse farmer’s market because the town began as a farming community 299 years ago.  The market is held every Tuesday from 2-6:30 on a grassy patch of park right off the minuteman bike path. More than fifty volunteers help coordinate events and support the market in a variety of ways.  I love participating in the market in my new home town and getting to meet it’s cookie loving residents.  I am a lucky ButterGirl.


We’re very happy to be a part of this community.