I recently bit into an Oreo. Yes, I was hungry. Yes, I have fond memories of eating Oreos when I was a little kid.
Sadly, they were not what I remembered. Memories can play tricks on you.  They were dry and artificial in flavor.

When I set out to make my double chocolate cookie, I had my memories of the chocolate part of an Oreo in mind. I was the kid that didn’t lick the “creamy filling”. Instead, I cut the filling out and just ate the cookie. I wanted to my chocolate cookie to have a dark, rich chocolate taste but with a soft yet dense body. Dry is not in my vocabulary.

The key to a delicious chocolate cookie is a high quality chocolate. Do not compromise on this. Pay the extra money! After many years of working for Lindt and Sprungli, I was educated to appreciate quality chocolate through tasting with my 5 senses.  I have tasted dozens of high end brands. Unfortunately, your choices are limited in your average supermarket. You may find Guittard in whole foods or Ghirardelli in other markets and those are both decent choices. You can also purchase a Lindt dark chocolate bar or any of your other favorite chocolate and chop it yourself.  Mini chips or smaller chopped bits cover more cookie and enhance the chocolate taste in each bite.

Our Double Chocolate Cookie includes Callebaut mini chips,  Penzy’s dutch processed cocoa, and a hint or instant espresso or coffee to enhance the dark chocolate taste.   If you’re a chocolate lover, you have to try this cookie.  Make your own delicious Oreo by adding vanilla ice cream in between two of BG’s double chocolate cookies.  This will live up to your childhood memories.