I started this business because I like to bake but also because it is a very happy business.  Everyone I bring cookies to is happy to see me.  What more could I ask for?

Today I received an order late morning.  I am very busy friday mornings but unless I have a farmer’s market, the afternoons are pretty open.  I called my customer to see if she would like her order delivered today.  She was tickled that she might get it today but this afternoon/evening she wouldn’t be home.  I asked if there was somewhere else I could deliver to?

She hesitated and then said that she would be at MGH, Mass General Hospital, all afternoon and wondered if I could bring them there.  After some texting, she gave me directions for how I would find her.

When I learned that I was delivering the order to a hospital I decided to include a few extra in case she felt the need to share with a nurse or two.  I didn’t know her situation but I thought it was the smart thing to do, just in case.  When I was on my way, she called to ask if I might be able to include a few extra cookies on top of what she ordered.  I told her, “Already done.”   Perfect!

She was worried about how I would find parking but I pulled onto the street that the hospital is adjacent to and swung right into an open parking spot with 30 minutes already on the meter.  I thought to myself that this was completely meant to be.

I went up to the special care nursery as directed and left the cookies with reception.  As I was walking out of the hospital, I was stopped in my tracks with a text.  The text showed a photo beautiful little baby boy sleeping with a note below, “He will enjoy the cookies as milk!”

This is why I love my job, my company and why I get up at 4am most days.  Cookies make people happy!