Laurelyn Roberts is ButterGirl.  After years of success as a senior manager in marketing departments of global brands, she followed one of her lifelong passions: baking.  Her corporate mission statement is simple:  Cookies make people happy.

When she left Swarovski North America in 2009, she had one client, an old stove, and confidence.  Since then she has baked for many corporations, the Today Show and the Punch Brothers.  But her favorite customers are local shoppers who find her at farmers’ markets around Boston throughout the summer and select retail locations in the Boston area.

Before baking consumed her, Laurelyn worked for specialty brands in merchandising and marketing roles including Restoration Hardware, Crate and Barrel, Lindt and Sprungli NA, Swarovski NA.

What’s in a name?

When I was a kid, I lived in a divided family.  First, my parents divorced. Second, one parent loved butter on everything and the other loved margarine.  I lived with my mother, the margarine mama. If there was butter in the fridge, it inevitably had a taste that mimicked the smell of the fridge. Ick!

One day I decided to make some popcorn and melt butter on it.  The butter smelled funny so I decided to use margarine. This was a terrible mistake.  The margarine had melted into oil and the popcorn had turned a wet greasy mess.  From that day on, I vowed to only use butter in any food I cooked or baked.

And baked I did!  I baked for every track meet, every soccer game, every party.  I began to build a reputation for yummy baked goods.

Butter in my mother’s house had become a precious commodity.  In order to avoid that “funny” taste, I carefully placed the wax paper wrapped sticks of joy in airtight baggies to protect them.  As a result of this careful attention to my butter, my step dad assumed I ate a lot of it and started calling me the “Cholesterol Queen”. I didn’t actually eat that much of it (not that I remember) but the name stuck.

When I started brainstorming names for the bakery, one thing I knew was that butter had to be in the name.  It is the most important ingredient in any bakery treat!  Eggs, flour, spices, sugar, vanilla can all be substituted for a something else but BUTTER is essential.  And since I am the “Cholesterol Queen” then, I thought, I could also be called the ButterGirl.

People liked the name. I became the ButterGirl and a bakery was born. Yeah!