My Medford Farmers’ Market buddies: Mystic Coffee Roasters

What’s a better name for a coffee roaster than “Mystic,” the river than runs through Medford to Boston Harbor?  Mystic Coffee Roasters might just bring you enlightenment.

Like a growing number of people with a dream and a dose of courage, Sharon started her Medford cafe and roaster (find it and her on Facebook) when a corporation let her know they didn’t need her any more.  Nothing personal, of course.  It’s just business.  She decided that she didn’t need them either.  No hard feelings.  Because if you can make it in a recession, when things pick up, the worst is behind you.  That inspires me.

That and her amazing coffee, roasted almost every day so it’s fresh when you pick it up.  At home, I make a pot when I don’t have too much baking to do.  That way I can savor it.

Sharon will grind, brew, ice, whip, and find other ways to make your cup of their coffee delicious.  At the cafe – not for nothing – you can enjoy it with ButterGirl cookies and brownies.

Stop by and try what Sharon’s tasting this at the market on Thursdays.

My Medford Farmer’s Market buddies: George

What does George make?  The answer is, “It’s Greek.”  A little bit of a mystery man, George spends part of the year in Greece, where he and his family make the delicious Eleofillo olive oil that he sells at the market.  I can tell you from personal experience, it’s delicious.  And it’s become a gift to one friend who knows her olive oil.  She’s two thumbs up, too.  Then there’s the olive oil soap that my husband likes.

It's Greek!

George's Eleofillo olive oil

But you’ll find stylish sweaters at his booth, too.  All summer long, no matter how hot or humid, George has gotten one woman after another to try them on and many have bought them.  There must be a lot of air conditioning somewhere.  Somewhere else!

Now that the weather’s turned seasonable again, come out and see George before he goes back to Greece for the winter.